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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  November 25, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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congregation not happy about their new pastor. good evening. 40 million americans are are making their trek home. the check forced more people to drive this year. this is dipper time at the interchange. headlights as long as the eyes can see along 680. no matter how you got around these past fews days it has been smooth sailing. we are going to sfo with a look at how things are going on. >> reporter: the duty officer says it may have been the busiest day at sfo. all of them flowing smooth three through the airport san jose and oakland telling similar stories. and the busy day war on.
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>> so far, so good. empty. getting to my flights on time and leaving on time. >> despite 131 moving through it could have been worse. >> i went to san francisco, my brother went to sacramento and my sister to los angeles. >> everyone was kind and helpful. >> they were all in honolulu, right? >> yes. exactly. what is not to love about paradise. >> reporter: the challenge was all in her own family. >> they were a little antsy at the end but, you know, they are 11 months and 3. >> what do you do when they get antsy? >> i do a lot of walking. yes. so you walked from chicago today. >> yes. exactly. >> even on a good day ming across country tires a person out. >> i am -- flying across country tires a person out. >> i am happy but i am happy to
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go home. >> reporter: nothing but red tail lights through here and then cheered out and then starting to build up again. there is a chance to add more numbers to this record day. >> all right, thank you very much. well, new at 11:00. gas scare sends 14 people to the hospital. the fire department was called to 1223 courtland street at 7:00 tonight over a carbon monoxide leak. crews from pg&e and department of health are on the scene trying to figure out the source of it. sanfrancisco fire says 11 people, 8 adults and three kids, were treated for carbon monoxide expotion. >> when we arrived -- expotionure. >> when -- exposure. we checked the residents and they had signs television on them. >> the battalion chief says
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most suffered minor exposure. a pilot and his passenger are recovering tonight after making an emergency landing near the cal state north ridge campus. the faa says a cessna was headed towards john wayne airport when it lost power. the plane clipped a fence and came down and nipped over. the pilot and passenger crawled out of the wreckage and are listed in fair condition. the cause is is under investigation. three people from the bay area are among four killed. a prias and a minivan collided head on along highway 50. a man, woman, child all from san francisco died in the prias. a 4-year-old girl in the van died. the highway patrol says the prias veered into oncoming traffic. not -- not clear why. it is a good start to the
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shopping season. >> reporter: black friday weekend was a success by any measure. an estimated $89 million people were out shopping this weekend. 3 million more than last year. shoppers spent more on gifts and on themselves. >> that adds up to $59 billion in spending this year compared to $52 billion last year. [singing] >> reporter: at every turn, retailers are fighting for a slice of the half trillion dollars in projected spending this season. both in stores and on-line. the ceo of some like the social aspect of being in the store. some people like to shop in their bunny slippers. some it is convenience of doing it 24 hours a day from their living room. >> it shows all of the discounts for today. >> reporter: what is new this year? explosion of shoppers, 1 out of 4, using mobile devices to find the best deal.
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nearly double that of last year and the trend that is expected to continue. >> this is a huge evolution that we are seeing in the way customer shop. it is brought on by all of the technology. >> despite the black friday onslot tomorrow expect cybermonday discounts to be competitive. >> reporter: cybermonday is relative because, you know, we are expecting 129 million consumers to shop from their offices tomorrow. >> but brick and mortar stores are fighting back. by tuesday, best buy, target and other retailers will match any online price to get you to buy right now. back to you. >> we know there will be more shopping tomorrow and expected to be the biggest online shopping of the year for the third year in a row. they are expected to point and click their way to $1.5 billion if spending tomorrow.
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that is up from $1.25 billion. in 2010, cybermonday surpassed the billion mark for the first time. the term cybermonday was coined by a shopping trade group. noticing a spike in sales. when that in mind watch out for bogus web sites. crooks stealing your information. >> reporter: a survey of retailers find more than ever will offer cybermonday deals. aiming for the millions that say they will do some holiday shopping from the office this year. when shopping on-line confirm a web site is secure before entering information. look for an s after the http in the url. paying with the credit card will offer protection than debt and keep record of ordconfirmations and receipts. retailers adopted the
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cybermonday in 2005 and seven years later it may be time for a name change with a boom in mobile and consumers shopping from smart phones and tablets a reminder for those who shop on the go, don't use public wi-fi, only secure connections and lock it with a pass word, even when your phone is out of your hands and work with apps from trusted sources. the national retail federation says about four out of 10 retailers will offer free shipping with no conditions attached. >> and we have more tips on how to get the most out of cybermonday. visit our web site. well, a busy and bloody weekend for oakland police. two women became the latest homicide victims. both shot to death in east oakland early this morning. that brings it to four the number of murders this weekend and a total of 115 people killed this year. a neighbor near the latest killing says she feels like a prisoner in her own home. >> i am afraid.
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i like i just started working out again and i like to go for walks but i don't walk here i walk at the lake. so it is is -- it is scary. >> the police say that they have little information and no suspects in the double homicide. there were two other killings on saturday. one was an kwraepb old woman and the other a 19-year-old -- 18-year-old woman and the other a 19-year-old man. a second shooting this weekend. two men fired a dozen rounds. >> a house of the 300 block of ivy drive early on saturday. nobody was injured. last saturday a man was shot to death on the same block on the same street as he sat in the car with a woman. two men took the woman's purse and shot 42-year-old kutliff to death. they don't know if the shootings are connecked. checking bay area headlines, san jose leaders will meet tomorrow to find out what qualities the public wants in the next police chief. the current chief, moore, plans to retire at the end of
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januaryful the search for his successor is underway but the city leaders want the public's input. the first of four public meetings will be held tomorrow night. the sign of gunfire may echo across the runways at san jose's airport. this week the city will give the airport permission to fire guns to keep birds away from the airfield. they would fire blanks but could use birdshot if the birds don't leave. san jose had 180 bird strikes since 2009 if including some that cause major damage to planes. a san francisco couple challenge of defense of marriage act may be one of several that the supreme court considering this week. the justices will decide to hear an appeal from the defenders of proposition 8. the california initiative banning gay marriage. they are expected to meet this week to decide which cases it will hear next year. well, a new pastor sent
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packing by one of san francisco's oldest black congregations. cbs 5 reporter on if the congregation wanted nothing to do with their newly hired leader. [music] >> reporter: the joyful noise coming from the church could not drown out an issue on a lot of minds this morning. the new pastor, reverend hunter. >> i ask of you heavenly father to touch the heart of the pastor of this church. >> reverend hunter was ill today according to church leaders so a fill in took place and most people here are glad. >> he is not someone that that i think should lead our flock. >> reporter: he was appointed by the bishop who swapped to the church's former leader with hunter who came from l.a. a quick google search reveals hunter might come with baggage, accusations of financial issues and sexual harassments. >> now, you make some mistakes, fine, say you made some
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mistakes but some people wanted questions resolved before he took over leadership of our church. >> reporter: the l.a. times says hunter used the churchy's credit cards for $100,000 in personal expenses and owed the irs $300,000 in back taxes. >> i don't think that, you know, withs his past history that he should be preaching at all. >> reporter: things got ugly here last month when the pastor showed up for his first day at the church. cloaked in his white robe and carrying a bible and parishioners confronted him outside. >> basically told him to present his papers. you have to have papers to take over the church. he did not have his papers. >> reporter: this parishioner is also a reporter for the san francisco post. >> like a brief altercation. i don't know shoving, might have been hollering. >> reporter: the issue is under consideration. the reverend has been back once since kicked out.
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>> if he stays will it be awkward? >> most definitely but we are hoping that will not happen. >> reporter: back to you. a major tragedy in a country used to struggle. how bangladesh is revealing from a massive factory fire. and violence in egypt. what the country's new preside president has done to anger his people. big changes and rain a lot of it. your wet seven-day forecast coming right up
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and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing, $0 deposit, and $0 first month's payment on any new volkswagen. visit today. developing news in banglade. violent protests have broket after garment factory fire s 112 workers. a lack of emergency exits trapped manf them inside the building, ad some of the dead jumped from upper windows to escape. rit now, hundreds of factories e been closed down because someone jumped from upper windows with the fire. right now hundreds of factories are closed down because of widespread demonstrations. unions in bangladesh complained about unsafe factories. the company that owns the factory that burned makes clothing for retail chains like walmart. a increase in violence in e guilty left a teenager dead.
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-- egypt left a teenager dead. >> reporter: protesters clashed with the police in and around the square. earlier they chanted mohammed isil l legitimate. this man says his rules worse that the regime of toppled leader mubarack. journalists joined the rally. the president released this statement on sunday trying to reassure the people that his decree is only temporary. hundreds demonstrated in support of the democratically elected president. >> he is trying to take care of the country. he is trying to secure stability for this country. >> reporter: rallying on his behalf, they are opposing the judge's club that calls for a national wide strike. lawmakers in the united states say while they appreciate their
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help brokering the cease-fire, his actions raise concern. >> to assume this kind of power is unacceptable to the united states of america. >> we don't obviously have want to see a democratically-elected aut ocrat take place of a dictator that was the case before that. >> reporter: opposition in support groups are planning competing rallies in cairo at locations less than a mild apart. it could set the stage for more violence. >> back at home, enjoy the nice weather. change is coming for the workweek, les birth? it has been a pleasant holiday weekend weatherwise. we will see clouds rolling in and patchy fog. coast bay and inland, the temperatures will stay in the 40s, low to upper 40s along the coast and bay. by tomorrow, we will see highs in the 60s, once again, low to upper 60s in some of the inland spots and plenty of sunshine. the temperatures maybe a couple of degrees cooler than what we saw today.
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it is going to stay dry. if you have travel plans tomorrow, it looks like high pressure is staying in effect. that is a look at our sat height radar. like id we got big changes heading our way. middle of the workweek. time it out with future cast. tuesday, it will be our transitional day, a few clouds roll in. then, in the overnight hours, tuesday, into wednesday morning, just in time for thed with morning commute you can see rain, moderate rain,a made, a cross the bay area -- rain, a ahead across the bay area, we have rain making it it a wet stretch. we have several days of moderate rains. a lot of 40s around the bay area. 43 in concord. it looks like low 50s, 51 degrees in san francisco. for tomorrow, once again, a lot of 60s. so, 62, 63 in concord, 61 is the forecasted high. tomorrow afternoon, in san francisco. if you have travel plans heading home, sfo, partly cloudy, light winds, highs of 64 degrees. and checking other airports
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across the country. houston looks like a chance of thundershowers, staying warm, 84 degrees, otherwise, cool but dry in denver, chicago and new york city. here is a look at the forecast. hitting the roads, plenty of sunshine. yosemite, high of about 53 degrees. and, now, checking your forecast here at home. the next seven-days will get interesting. monday and tuesday, we are staying dry. the temperatures for the most part in the saeubgts, the coast bay and inland. but, then, check out wednesday. we get the low pressure system heading our way. more showers sticking around on thursday. and then we have a second storm system coming our way on friday. and blasting well into next weekend. it looks like the north bay is going to be hit the hardest. we could see areas of localized flooding. so, get ready to a very wet end of november that is check of your seven-day forecast, back to you guys. >> all right, thank you. moving up the ranks comes up at a cost.
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what lawmakers are sacrificing for a new title. and i can lead to get twinkies. how this store held the going out of business sale. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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smaller. top officials from governor brown on down, and 80 membef the state assembly will be getting a five-percent pay c top officials from governor brown on down and 80 members of the state assembly will get a 5% pay cut. state attorney general, harris's pay cut is minimal compared to the cut she took when she left the city for the state job. she will earn $96,000 less than
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current san francisco district attorney. but money is not the reason people run for office. >> they are doing it because of a variety of factors including the pursuit of power, the ambition to go to higher places and also, of course, hopefully, public service, they want to give back to their community. >> the 5% pay cut was ordered by the california citizen its compensation commission t. it comes on top of pay cuts totally 18% over the past three yearsa along with elimination of fringe benefits and car leases. well, it seems like everyone made a mat dash somewhere this weekend like driving to holiday dinners and shop but in florida people headed for a discount bakery in orlando. inside twinkies all things hostess at reduced prices. don't look for it on ebay. most of them say they were buying it for themselves. well, the movies as big of a draw as the bargains. how much the box office brought
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in, next milestone in london. music ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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blockbuster movies combinedo produce record box office
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numbers this thanksgiving weekend. "twilight, breaking dawn 2"... "skyfal. and "lincoln" were the one-two-three punch that ead a total of about 290-million three blockbuster movies koeupl pwaoeupbed -- movies combined made blockbuster money. "breaking dawn" earned $64 million. followed by "skyfall" with $51 million and "lincoln" $41. million. they have been called the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world. [music] >> and tonight "the rolling stones" kicked off their 50th anniversary tour in london. the concert is the first of five shows for the veteran rockies who's average age is 68. you don't see them in this clip but former stones, wineman and
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taylor joined the group on stage. but the u.s. shows are in brooklyn and newark, new jersey. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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players learn to play in all kinds of conditions. except, apparently, when the gridi's watering systems come on. football players learn to play in all kinds of conditions but when the gridiron watering system comes on. players, coaches, refs briefly headed for dry ground.


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